Integrated Form, Pack & Seal Systems

Wexxar form, pack and seal systems have built in efficiencies as productivity and floor space are improved. These versatile and compact systems form, pack, and seal products for a wide range of industries and is available in many different configurations. Browse through the videos below to get a look at the integrated combo systems in action.

From an omni-handed solution to case settling conveyor, each integrated system:

  • Reduces operating costs
  • Increases efficiency
  • Maximizes throughput

With any inquiries and to learn more about the integrated form, pack, and seal systems from Wexxar Bel, contact us today.

The Flex E Pack fully automatic forming, product handling, packing, sealing system that is customizable to your needs.

The WFPS 1250 and 1252 is an omni-handed all in one solution for the hand pack line.

Case settling conveyor requiring minimal floor space with independent speed and vibration control.

The BEL 5150u allows for single person case loading and sealing all on one machine. The combination of case loading and case sealing ensures maximum efficiency on this semi-automatic machine.

The BEL 5252u is an efficient and precise case packing and sealing system designed to reduce operating costs.