Wexxar Bel Case Form, Pack & Seal Systems

Wexxar Bel machines can be combined to form complete case form, pack and seal systems. These complete systems create an easy and simple solution that can be easily plugged in into any packaging line. Semi-automatic case forming and case sealing systems are compact and easy to maintain, and are the perfect entry level end-of-line solution. While Wexxar's Flex E Pack Systems can be configured depending on the speed of the line, the number of packers and other criteria required.

The Wexxar Bel form complete systems are available as:

  • Semi-automatic Form, Pack, & Seal Systems
  • Integrated Form, Pack, & Seal Systems

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Form, Pack and Seal Systems combine a semi-automatic case erector and a case sealer for a full packaging system that meets all of your needs.

Entirely integrated Form, Pack & Seal Systems.