Semi-Automatic Case Erectors

Wexxar Bel semi-automatic case erecting equipment is designed specifically for manual case packing lines. They hold the case in place while an operator can quickly and ergonomically 2-hand pack a case. Requiring an operator for manual operation, these systems create an efficient and precise flow for erecting cases and sealing them.

The semi-automatic case erectors from Wexxar Bel feature:

  • Case packing from all three sides of the machine
  • Electro-pneumatics
  • Ergonomic case packing for ease of use

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The BEL 505 is a compact case erector and pack station for manual case packing lines.

The versatile and extremely compact BEL 505G3 case erector and pack station allows for case packing from all 3 sides of the machine.

The BEL 505G4 utilizes electro-pnuematics for a quiet and smooth case forming and packing operation.

The BEL 507 is a tilting case erector and pack station that allows for easier and more ergonomic case packing.