Fully Automatic Tray Formers

Most IPAK tray formers utilize servo motors for excellent precision, reliable performance, and reduced operating costs. We are able to form a wide variety of trays and each machine is able to form a different style or styles of trays. With a broad range of capabilities, the fully automatic tray formers are versatile to meet growing demands in diverse industries as well as creating maximum efficiency in the packaging process.

The fully automatic tray forming solutions are versatile, featuring:

  • Retail ready display trays
  • Trays with fold-over display windows
  • Speeds up to 40 trays per minute
  • Vertical format for forming bliss boxes

With any inquiries and to learn more about the fully automatic tray formers, contact Wexxar Bel today.

The TF100 tray former is able to form standard 4 corner trays in a variety of sizes with a small compact footprint.

The TF200 forms the largest variety of tray styles with speeds of up to 40 TPM.

The TF300 forms Breaker and Column Case style trays at up to 25 TPM.

The TF330GH specializes forming trays used in the agriculture and produce industry.

The TF350 specializes in forming retail ready display trays and trays with fold-over display windows.

A compact, vertical orientation tray former able to form a wide array of tray styles

A compact, vertical format tray former for forming bliss boxes