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WRC Rotary Case Settling Conveyor New

Where conventional settling solutions vibrate or shake overfill cases in a way that halts transport, Wexxar Bel’s new WRC settles overfill boxes during transport, making your line more efficient. With high speeds of up to 100 cases per minute, you’ll notice an impressive increase in production rates and a decrease in labor costs. This machine accommodates most packaging lines and is designed to handle a case weight up to 50 pounds. With stainless and mild steel, your products are safe and secure throughout the transporting process.

Features on this equipment includes advanced capabilities to absorb typical vibration and noise, a sturdy frame construction of laser cut heavy gauge plate and solid bar stock materials for longevity, and flexibility.

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    • Fine tune the speed and intensity - of the settling to cater to your exact product
    • Compact size - to fit existing packaging lines with limited space
    • Simple design - allows for easy operation and maintenance
    • User-friendly pictorial guides and color coded labeling on the machine for convenient operation and size changes
    • Flexible and high friction conveyor to ensure strong hold of cases
    • Designed and built in North America with premium materials

    • Speed: Up to 100 cases per minute
    • Sturdy frame construction absorbs vibration and noise for quiet, long-term operation
    • Machine Dimensions: 48"(L) x 26"(W)
    • Case Weight: Designed to handle case weight up to 50lbs
    • Height: 23" - 29"


    • 6' length option

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