WRC Rotary Case Settling Conveyor

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Wexxar Bel's WRC rotary settling conveyor provides an on-the-go settling solution which transports and settles cases all at the same time. While conventional settling solutions are often independent machines which either halt or slow down the production lines, the WRC is able transport cases at up to 100 cases per minute for a settling and conveyance solution all in one. The WRC is also able to perform with the settling function off and acting as just a standard conveyor, making it extremely versatile and able to fit in almost any application.

The patented WRC provides the most settling in the market with it's 3-axis motion. Cases are settled vertically, side by side and front to back; simulating the motion that would be done by hand and providing significant settlement, allowing significant overfill in each case. By having properly settled case, not only do you save on transportation costs by shipping more product per case, product protection is also improved by not having product bounce within the case during transportation.

  • Flexibility and Adapatibility

    Independently controlled conveyance speed and settling force to adapt to any product or application.

  • Settling on the Go

    Case settling is achieved without extra labor or slowing/stalling the production line. High friction belts ensure strong hold and advancement of cases.

  • No Training Required

    This incredibly simple design only features 2 controls, speed and settling force, making it incredibly intuitive to use.

  • Compact Design

    Small machine footprint allows the WRC to fit into any spot a normal conveyor would go, making it incredibly space saving.

  • Quiet Operation

    Noise and shock absorbing machine frame for a smooth and quiet operation.

  • 6' Option

    The WRC is available in 3' and 6' configurations

  • Maximum Weight

    Handles product up to 50 lbs

  • Speed

    Up to 81 feet per minute

  • Construction

    Premium heavy duty materials with a stainless steel covers, aluminum construction for long lasting performance

  • Country of Manufacturing

    Designed and Built in Canada

  • Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)

    1219 mm x 660 mm x 584 mm (48" x 26" x 23")