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Enhanced Speed and Surge Control Package Fully Automatic Case Former / Case Erector

The Enhanced Speed Package provides a speed boost to the WF30, increasing its speed by more than 25%. Furthermore, with Surge Control, the machine becomes adaptable to bursts or spikes in production lines by automatically increasing speed only when you need it.

Enhanced Speed is achieved by the replacement of traditional pneumatic systems with servo drives in key bottleneck areas of the machine. Aside from the incredible benefit of improved output, the machine also runs with fewer parts and less energy consumption, saving you money on both maintenance and machine operation costs.

Surge Control ensures the machine output rate is in sync with the production rate of the rest of the production line. This allows for complete control of your packaging line while allowing the machine to have less wear and tear by running the machine at a lower nominal rate. A machine with Surge Control will have less energy costs and maintenance costs.

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    • Improved control of production line can be achieved with Surge Control as it provides bursts of speed to your packaging line only when you need it. This will balance your machine to operate in sync with the demands of your production line.
    • Significant energy cost savings are provided by the servo system with the abandonment of pneumatic folders and along with it, the high costs of compressed air. These savings are further compounded by Surge Control, allowing the machine to only run as quickly as the line requires.
    • Lower maintenance costs due to less wear and tear of parts with the use of precision servo motion and the decreased stress put on the machine with Surge Control

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  • Possible Applications

    • Tape or Hot Melt
    • High speeds
    • Application with spikes in production
    • Expect growth in production in the next few years
    • Desire to better regulate production lines, save energy costs, and decrease maintenance and downtime costs

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