Enhanced Speed and Surge Control Package for Automatic Case Formers

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The Enhanced Speed Package provides a speed boost, increasing machine speed by more than 25%. Furthermore, with Surge Control, the machine becomes adaptable to bursts or spikes in production lines by automatically increasing speed only when you need it.

Enhanced Speed is achieved by the replacement of traditional pneumatic systems with servo drives in key bottleneck areas of the machine. Aside from the improved output, the machine also runs with fewer parts and less energy consumption, saving money on both maintenance and operational costs.

Surge Control runs the machine at a slower speed until faster speeds are required by downstream demands. Running the machine at a slower speed the majority of the time will reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption.

US. Pat. No. 7,766,808 & 7,422,552

  • Faster Output

    Enhanced Speed provides a 25% speed boost for greater machine output.

  • Reduced Operational Costs

    Replacement of pneumatic cylinders with servo motors decrease overall energy consumption while providing faster production..

  • Greater Adaptability

    Faster speeds and greater are available only when required.

  • Less Maintenance Costs

    Running the machine at a lower nominal rate and only increasing speed when required allows for less wear and tear on the machine.