Based in Richmond, BC, Canada, our entire facility is powered by hydro-electricity, reducing the total amount of CO2 emissions in our carbon footprint. In addition to reusable energy, we ensure that we recycle as many materials as possible.

We value sustainable practices throughout our business processes, workplace safety, and machine manufacturing. By investing in sustainability, Wexxar Bel holds a high level of company commitment and responsibility in advocating for sustainable initiatives in the packaging industry.

Our Values and Practices

Our Plant

In our plant, safety is our top priority. We take extra steps to ensure that any and all chemicals used are disposed of properly. All chemicals are itemized and recycled according to strict rules enforced by municipal and provincial laws. We have also made the switch to using less caustic, eco-friendly cleaning agents to reduce possible health and safety hazards for our employees.

As a vital part of our operations, we strive to maximize sustainable plant operations with innovative methods. From switching away from pneumatic tools to reduce energy usage and reduce maintenance, we have also implemented automated heat circulation with large fans instead of turning on heating units to combat CO2 emissions.

At Wexxar Bel, cardboard boxes are required for machine testing. We make sure to only request the necessary amount that is required for testing and every cardboard box at our plant is separated and recycled accordingly with a local waste management company. In addition, any metal scraps produced during the machine building process are recycled locally.

Sustainable Solutions

At Wexxar Bel, we are continuously looking for new ways to improve not only our own carbon footprint, but the efficiency of our products as well. We believe sustainability can be achieved without compromising performance for a complete win-win. Many of these methods are presented through our machine design, from utilizing more servo motors to integrating new technologies into our machines.

Eco-Machine Features

As manufacturers of case formers and sealers, it was important to us that our machines can utilize recycled corrugate. Due to recycled material often being thinner and harder to form with a machine, there are few machines in the market that can form recycled boxes. However, all Wexxar Bel machines are able to form and seal recycled boxes without sacrificing the quality of a well-formed case that will protect your product.

Many of our solutions are presented through our machine design, from utilizing more servo motors to integrating new technologies into our machines. Learn more about our sustainable solutions below.

Servos vs. Pneumatics