WF30 S-Series Fully Automatic Case Former / Case Erector with Auto Adjust

The WF30 S-Series is a premium line of fully automatic case formers / case erectors which features highly engineered and powerful option packages. These packages can transform the already powerful and reliable WF30 machine into the ultimate packaging solution when paired with the right application.

The Auto Adjust Package replaces traditional manual change over with servo motion technology, automating changeover points to allow for a quick and precise changeover. Case size recipes can be saved in the HMI and easily retrieved and selected when the size change is desired. The Auto Adjust Package improves efficiency, user experience and significantly minimizes the chance of human error during a size change leading to downtime and troubleshooting.

The Process

  • Through the implementation of a servo system design, unprecedented precision and control is available to the Wexxar case former, allowing for optimum efficiency throughout the machine. This allows for energy, speed and durability improvements in nearly all facets of the machine.
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    • Operation Efficiency – Precise, quick and tool-less automated size changeover improves productivity and reduces downtime. Reliable and repeatable case size changes reduce the chance for error and possible downtime for troubleshooting. Operator is able to utilize time to focus on other packaging functions.
    • Production Predictability – Predictable case size adjustments allows for proper planning of the time required for a case size change. Changeover times can be coordinated with production down times allowing for a smooth and optimized production run.
    • Increased Productivity and Decreased Waste – Precise case size adjustments reduce the need to test run cases after a size changeover. Box 1 is ready to run.
    • Ease of Changeover – Length, width and height dimensions as well as the speeds of up to 30 cases can be conveniently stored and retrieved from the machine’s HMI. The process is simple and easy; reducing the amount of training required and reduces the amount of manual labor involved in a size change.

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