Case Forming Equipment

Wexxar WF case formers utilized the patented Pin & Dome system for extreme reliability and performance when opening and forming cases. Unlike traditional mechanical methods of case opening, Pin & Dome get more reliable over time and are not affected by the environment of the application. There are also significant savings in maintenance and energy consumption as air is not constantly used for holding onto the case.

To meet unique product demands across a broad range of industries, the case former machines include:

  • DELTA 1 with MXM
  • WF10 Case Former
  • WF20 Case Former
  • WF30 Case Former
  • Auto Adjust Package
  • Enhanced Speed & Surge Control Package

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The DELTA 1 provides extreme uptime by minimizing any operator time required on the machine including case loading and size changes.

The WF10 provides omni-handed case forming to run both left and right handed cases at up to 10 CPM.

The reliable WF20 provides perfect case forming with maximized uptimes at up to 20 CPM.

The high performance WF30 offers quick and reliable case forming for high-speed packaging lines of up to 30 CPM.

Auto Adjust offers quick and reliable size changes with the push of a button.

Enhanced Speed and Surge Control provides a speed boost to case forming when needed.