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Who We Are

Wexxar Richmond Facility

Since 1977, Wexxar has designed and manufactured leading edge case erecting, case sealing and tray forming machinery for corrugated container packaging. There is a Wexxar machine for forming or sealing anything from a simple "brown box" to complex specialty trays. Applications are limited only by the imagination.

Wexxar Bel's philosophy of quality innovation is based on listening to real world needs and is one of the reasons our clients are so loyal. With machines still running which were built over 30 years ago, Wexxar Bel has proven the value of solution-based engineering.

Wexxar Bel has customers around the world in over 40 countries and across many segments of manufacturing - agricultural products, packaged food, household goods, pharmaceuticals, electronics and many other products. From Fortune 500 companies right down to single-line manufacturers use Wexxar Bel's integrated packaging solutions because of the strength, reliability and low operating cost this end-of-line packaging machinery provides.

What We Do

Our Line of Solutions

WF20 T web

Wexxar Case Formers

Our patented Pin & Dome System and MXM System are just a few of the exclusive technologies provide superior performance with extreme reliability and usability.

BEL 150 web

BEL Case Formers & Sealers

With dynamic Snap Folders and easy size changeover, BEL case formers and sealers are safe, reliable and ultra-compact premier semi-automatic solutions.


IPAK Automatic Tray Formers

Featuring servo technology and custom tray forming solutions, our IPAK tray formers are able to form any style of tray suitable for any industry.

Our History

1977: Wexxar began designing and manufacturing cutting edge case erecting, case sealing, and tray forming machinery for corrugated container packaging.

2000: Wexxar and Belcor joined forces to become the Wexxar Bel brand. Together, they assemble more than 15 major industry innovations in end-of-line packaging solutions that deliver high quality and value to their customers.

2005: Wexxar Bel joined the ProMach family and began their journey as part of one of the largest leading packaging machinery companies in North America.

2009: IPAK was acquired by Wexxar Bel as their new tray forming machinery line. IPAK’s extensive experience with corrugated design and production is evident in all of its work. With the advanced expertise of its engineering team, IPAK is able to produce precise and reliable tray forming machines that have many advantages over competitors.

2014: Wexxar Packaging Inc. opens its brand new 100,000 square foot facility in Richmond, BC. Centralizing all brands under one roof will allow for the production of even better products by streamlining all processes, and providing opportunities for greater synergies between the brands.