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General Questions

How do I get more information about Wexxar/Bel's end of line packaging solutions?

Submit a form on a Contact Us page and we'll have one of our Sales Managers get back to you with the information you're looking for.

How long has Wexxar been in business?

Since 1977. For more information about Wexxar and our history visit About Us.

Why can't I get a price online?

We firmly believe that talking to our sales managers is the best way to ensure accuracy on not only the price, but also the right solution for you. If you contact us we will respond within 24 hours.

What applications are Wexxar equipment found in?

Agricultural products, packaged food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, household goods, medical supplies - virtually all sectors which require corrugated cases and trays.

Customer Service

How do we keep in touch while our case/tray packaging machine is being built?

  • Your local sales manager and customer service is your main point of contact. They work with engineering and manufacturing to stay on top of your packaging machine's progress and keep you informed.

What do I need to ensure prompt delivery of the case/tray packaging machine we order?

  1. Let us know about change and requirements before construction starts
  2. Get case or tray test blanks to Wexxar so we can test your packaging machine to meet its specifications and ensure it is operational as soon as it is set up


How do I order a replacement part for my packaging machine?

The Parts order form will ensure we get all the important information. Don't forget to tell us how quickly you'd like the part.

How do I order a part without the part number?

When filling out the Parts order form, describe the part and its position in as much detail as possible along with the machine model and serial number of the machine. We will check it against our database the blueprint and call you to confirm.

How can I get a Bill of Materials for this machine?

Send an email to our Parts & Service Department or phone us at 604-930-9300.

How do I get a manual?

Simply send an email to our Parts & Service Department or phone us at 604-930-9300.


How important is corrugated board quality in case forming?

Corrugated standards vary widely; Wexxar's case forming packaging machines are engineered to handle a wide variety in quality including recycled or plastic corrugated.

What styles of trays can IPAK tray formers handle?

Tray design is only limited by the designer's imagination and your application. We have a large range of tray formers which can handle a variety of tray styles. For special designs, our team can work with you to find the right tray for your application.

What are the advantages of the mechanical Pin & Dome technology compared to vacuum cups in case erecting?

Vacuum cups are often susceptible to clogging from dust, have less positive grip on imperfect surfaces and vacuum cups are subject to wear. Our Pin & Dome system is less reliant on air, consumes less air, and only gets more reliable with increased usage.

Can Wexxar and IPAK case/tray packaging machines be retrofitted with new product changes?

Yes, our engineers and designers strive to ensure your case/tray packaging machine will have a very long life. Contact our Parts & Service Department for complete information.

Why does Wexxar use Servo Motion Control in tray formers?

Servo Motion Control provides more accuracy, control and speed in forming complex tray designs than mechanically driven systems. Servos are also cheaper and more reliable to operate over pneumatics due to the use of electricity rather than air.

What if my case or tray is outside normal standards?

All Wexxar equipment can be customized to handle cases and trays outside their standard range. We can answer this question quickly when you send us a case or tray sample.

What if the minor and major flaps on my cases are not the same length?

Wexxar case formers and case sealers can be modified to handle specialized case designs such as AFM, CSSC, and more.

How do I shut down the machine in an emergency?

Emergency stops are on both sides of the machine. Our machines will also stop if any of the guard doors are opened as all Wexxar machines come with interlocked guarding.

Should I be using tape, hot melt or glue case sealers?

Each system offers strong advantages and trade-offs in performance and cost. Your Wexxar representative would be happy to review application requirements and recommendations. Wexxar packaging machines are available in pressure sensitive tape case sealers, hot melt and glue case sealers.

How reliable is Wexxar packaging equipment?

One of the core philosophies of Wexxar Packaging is creating reliable machinery. Each machine is tested and retested before they are shipped. This has led to more than half of our business comes from repeat customers. Contact Wexxar for references.

Why is a Wexxar packaging machine a good investment?

Wexxar's packaging equipment is built to very high standards. Its operating costs and reliability will save you time and money continually for the many years you will own it.

What kind of warranty does Wexxar offer?

Comprehensive 12 month warranty. For full details, call us.

Who else uses Wexxar packaging equipment?

Wexxar customers include Fortune 500 all the way down to single line operations - all of whom wish to get reliability and high value from their equipment. We can provide you with a list of references.


My packaging machine works well; why should I pay for a Preventative Maintenance Audit?

If potential problems are identified before they become significant, you will save a great deal of time and money. Preventative Maintenance programs, properly designed, save you from unexpected and costly downtime. The total cost of Preventative Maintenance has been proven to be significantly lower than possible problems while your plant is operating. Wexxar packaging equipment has very high reliability but every customer's operation is different.

What is the benefit of a Preventative Maintenance Audit?

An effective preventative maintenance (PM) program will avoid any major problems with the equipment and will allow you to maximize output, minimize cost, and assure on-going quality of the parts being produced. In reality, PM schedules are a combination of the machine supplier's recommendations and any modifications required to reflect the "real-world" requirements of cost, quantity and quality.

A Wexxar factory-trained specialist examines your equipment, the environment it is operating in, your particular packaging situations and a number of other factors. This will determine if there are potential conflicts, what situations may become major problems and how to eliminate or manage the problems cost effectively.


How much lead time is required before machine delivery?

Lead times vary between 4 - 14+ weeks depending on the machine and variations. Expedited deliveries are available if required. Please contact your regional sales manager for details.

Upon delivery, how much time is required to get the packaging machine operational?

Depending on the application, Wexxar’s installation, startup and training can be done within 1 business day.


How do I get a service person to do quick service?

Simply send an email to our Parts & Service Department or phone us at 604-930-9300 to tell us what you need and how quickly.

How quickly can I get service?

Service comes in different levels - depending on your urgency. As part of the ProMach group, Wexxar has factory-trained technicians available throughout North America.


How are Wexxar packaging machines engineered for safety?

Wexxar equipment is fully guarded from the in-feed to the out-feed. Palm e-stops are located on both sides of the machine; safety interlocks are on all guards so opening any guard will turn the machine off. The working height of the machine is ergonomically correct. Adjustments and controls, access to key components, feed magazine and out-feed heights - all are built to make it fast and easy for people to operate.