WF10 Fully Automatic Case Former

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The WF10 is Wexxar's introductory case former with the patented Pin & Dome System. Designed for low speeds of up to 10 cases per minute, the WF10 is ideal companies just starting to automate their packaging lines. The equipped Pin & Dome System provides complete reliability and are the industry standard for customers who demand the highest reliability and maximum uptime.

Superior Flexibility with Omni-Handed Case Forming

The WF10 is the only Pin & Dome machine that is able to run both left and right handed cases on the same machine. This feature is especially useful for co-packing applications or situations where cases can come from different sources. This lower speed machine is still packed with exceptional safety features and premium construction materials similar to our other WF machines.

  • Pin & Dome System

    Mechanical case opening technology providing predictable case erection. The Pin & Dome is extremely reliable due to it being unaffected by quality of the air system or the production environment unlike vacuum technologies.

  • Absolute Case Squaring

    Dynamic mechanical flap folding and case opening technologies are used to ensure perfect case squaring.

  • Omni-Handed Case Forming

    Ability to run both left and right handed cases on the same machine.

  • WISE System

    On-board machine tuning with pictorial representations when errors arise for quick identification and troubleshooting.

  • Premium Safety Features

    Fully interlocked guard doors and emergency stops on both sides of machine.

  • 10 Minute Size Change

    Tool-less, color coded size changeover with user-friendly on machine pictorial guides.

  • Flexibility with Remote Demand

    Remote demand allows cases to be formed on demand, ensuring a smooth packaging line and automatically adapting to any problems that may have occurred downstream.

  • Tilt-Out Tape Head

    This feature allows convenient access to the tape head for quick tape roll changes.

  • Premium Tape Head

    Comes standard with DEKKA SE-22 stainless steel tape head.

  • Machine Management with Tri-Light Beacon

    Machine monitoring provides both an audible and visual alarm to advise operators of low glue/tape or low magazine to ensure continuous operation and avoid potential downtime.

  • Digital Dial Indicators

    Digital Dial Indicators can be installed at every change point to provide quick reading of change point dimensions. These can significantly improve the accuracy and speed of change overs and reduce the amount of training required for operators.

  • Speed

    up to 10 CPM (cases per minute)

  • Construction

    Premium welded frame with corrosion resistant materials including anodized aluminum and stainless steel for a paint free construction

  • Adhesion

    Available in tape

  • Controls

    HMI colour touchscreen interface

  • Country of Manufacturing

    Designed and Built in Canada