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Extremely intuitive and easily operated with minimal amounts of training, the DELTA 1 offers continuous and ergonomic case loading with the MXM (Modular Expandable Magazine) system - bringing high levels of ROI with unprecedented levels of up-time and OEE.

Continuous Non-Stop Performance

The MXM system can be effortlessly loaded on the fly without the need to stop the machine. The DELTA 1 can start forming cases within seconds of loading the first bundle and can run all the way down to the last case for complete, efficient performance.

Ergonomic Efficient Case Loading

The magazine’s load height is only inches off the floor, providing an ergonomic platform which can be quickly loaded with minimal strenuous effort. Paired with the DELTA 1’s self-correcting ability of the forming section, case loading can be completed in under a minute.

Almost No Training Required

Operation is extremely easy with little training required. Cases can be quickly and easily “thrown” into the MXM system without needing to be perfectly flush due to each case being self-corrected by the DELTA 1 prior to forming.

Changeovers are a Cinch

With only 4 total size change points, on-machine instructions and all change-over points being tool-less, any changeovers are extremely quick and easy. The machine features 1 button case unloading to easily empty the magazine when required. The Auto Adjust package can be added onto the DELTA 1, completely eliminating any manual changepoints for a quick, reliable and repeatable case changeover.

With all these features designed for continuous case forming and reduced labour, uptime and ROI is increased by more than half compared to other similar machines.

DELTA 1 highlights:

  • MXM system brings usability and efficiency improvements for significant cost and time savings
    • Effortless continuous case loading for true non-stop operation
    • Quick and easy case changeovers with one-button power unloading feature
    • 1 operator can operate multiple machines with the time and labour savings from case loading
    • Magazine is modular in design and can be extended and grow with your business
  • Self-correcting forming section means cases do not need to be perfectly stacked when loading, saving time and reducing the potential for case jams
  • Only 4 size change points for extremely quick and simple case size changes within the same zone
  • Servo drives for fast, precise and efficient case forming
  • Reliable and repeatable case forming with patented Pin & Dome System

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    • Wexxar's Pin & Dome case opening technology provides reliable case separation, squaring and forming
    • Dynamic flap-folding for consistently square cases even for recycled or double wall cases
    • Wexxar's WISE smart controls system allows for easy machine operation, troubleshooting and maintenance
    • Safety systems including fully interlocked guard doors and emergency stops on both sides of the machine
    • Flex speed with remote demand caters speed ranges to each case size or style
    • Tool-less, color coded size changeover in under 7 minutes with user-friendly on machine pictorial guides
    • Premium adhesive systems
      • Tape version: DEKKA High Performance stainless steel tape head
      • Hot melt version: Nordson glue systems
    • Designed and built in North America with premium materials

    • Speed: up to 30 cases per minute (CPM)
    • Corrosion resistant and paint free frame construction
    • Available in tape or hot melt glue sealing
    • HMI colour touchscreen interface
    • Servo Drives for maintenance free, efficient, precision movements


    Additional Magazine Modules

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