IPAK TF385/485/486 NEW

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The newest generation of IPAK tray formers feature 3 machines which are able to run most tray types in the market. These machines are based on the same platform but feature a different frame size depending on the size and type of the tray required. The new IPAK tray former platform is extremely flexible and brings high amounts of consistency and centralization. Customers and distributors are able to stock a lower number of spare parts while reducing the amount of training for operators on multiple machines, allowing for reduced downtime and overhead costs..

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Industry Leading Usability and Reliability

IPAK tray formers utilize reliable and precise technology to form a perfectly square tray, ensuring the perfect aesthetic look and more importantly, superior product protection. Active compression section, servo driven blank advance and self cleaning vacuums are just a few of the technologies used in our tray formers.

Furthermore, IPAK tray formers all feature a user-centric design, with an intuitive design to reduce the amount of time required to learn, operate and maintain the machine. Quick tool-less size change in under 20 minutes, large 10" HMI touch screen controls, and large doors to allow easy access to changeover and maintenance points.

  • TF385Max Tray Blank Size: 38" x 51"
  • TF485Max Tray Blank Size: 48" x 51"
  • TF486Max Tray Blank Size: 48" x 61"
  • Precision Tray Forming

    Servo blank advance and servo mandrel drive combined with an active compression section ensures a precise quality formed tray.

  • Minimal Maintenance Required

    Self cleaning vacuum cups not only provide good hold of the tray during forming, but also reduce the amount of maintenance required

  • Quick Size Changeover in Under 20 minutes

    Quick tool-less colour coded size changeover with on machine pictorial guides for easy to follow instructions that allow operators to perform a changeover even with minimal training

  • Easy to Operate

    Large 10" HMI with intuitive WISE System makes it easy for operators to take ownership of the machine with minimal training required

  • Long Machine Life

    Robust machine with the use of premium and corrosion resistant materials such as anodized aluminum and stainless steel to guarantee long operating life

  • Improved Machine Accessibility

    New IPAK tray formers feature improved accessibility to make it easy for performing size changeovers and general maintenance or troubleshooting

  • Less Energy Consumption

    The FRC has been relocated to a centralized position on the machine, streamlining the entire pneumatic system, reducing overall energy costs while increasing machine reliability.

  • Machine Management with Tri-Light Beacon

    Machine monitoring provides both an audible and visual alarm to advise operators of low glue or low hopper to ensure continuous operation and avoid potential downtime.

  • Outfeed Conveyors

    Outfeed conveyor provides a location to collect formed trays so they can be stacked or transported for loading or further processing.

  • Speed

    15 - 30 trays per minute depending on Tray Type Package

  • Construction

    Premium welded frame with corrosion resistant materials including anodized aluminum and stainless steel for a paint free construction

  • Adhesion

    Hot melt

  • Controls

    HMI colour touchscreen interface

  • Country of Manufacturing

    Designed and Built in Canada

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