BEL 451 Semi-Automatic Poly Bag Inserter, Case Erector, Packer & Bottom Sealer

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The BEL 451 is a semi-automatic poly bag inserter, case erector & pack station with bottom case taping. This solution is designed for bulk filling lines and bag in a box applications and simplifies the difficult process of inserting poly bag liners into cases. By combining the BEL 451 with a case sealer down the line, it is possible to build greater flexibility and capacity into your packaging line.

Simple Hygienic Operation

The operator simply inserts the poly bag into the erected case and the vacuum plenum quickly draws the bag into the machine, leaving no voids in the corners in preparation for case filling. The operator does not need to contact the insides of the bags at all during the entire process, allowing for an extremely hygienic and efficient operation, especially for applications such as frozen or bulk foods.

The BEL 451 is often combined with an optional programmable weigh scale that can verify each case either by count or weight. Additionally, filling can be done automatically by interfacing the S10 weight scale with automatic filling equipment such as auger or hopper fillers, and belt feeders to provide a precise fill every time. The BEL 451 is also available in a top & bottom taping version in the BEL 450.

  • Complete Poly Bag Packaging Line

    Allows a single operator to perform all four core end-of-line functions quickly, smoothly and efficiently. From poly bag insertion, case erection, packing and sealing can all be done on a single machine.

  • Hygienic Operation

    Operator does not need to touch the interior of the bag during the entire process, preventing possible contamination and exposure.

  • Uni-Drive Belt System

    Eliminates case skew and ensures cases are squarely sealed even after years of prolonged use.

  • Premium Tape Head

    Comes standard with DEKKA SE-22 stainless steel tape head.

  • KDF Box Stand with Poly Bag Holder

    The KDF Box Stand with Poly Bag Holder holds the cases and bags in an ergonomic position for the operator to access during packing.

  • S10 Weigh Scale

    The S10 weigh scale allows for precise packing, achieving the desired weight in every case. It can also interface with a variety of fillers and loaders.

  • Locking Casters

    Casters allow the entire system to be mobile and be quickly moved to different areas of the plant where required.

  • Outfeed Conveyor

    Outfeed conveyor provides a location to collect sealed and packed cases so they can be palletized or transported for further processing.

  • Enviroguard Stainless Steel Option

    Machine can be ordered in a stainless steel configuration for environments requiring additional water or corrosion resistance.

  • Speed

    up to 5 CPM (cases per minute)

  • Construction

    Premium welded frame with corrosion resistant materials including anodized aluminum and stainless steel for a paint free construction

  • Adhesion

    Available in tape

  • Country of Origin

    Designed and Built in Canada

  • Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)

    2337 mm x 838 mm x 911 mm (92" x 33" x 36")

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