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Wexxar professionals work with numerous bakery and snack operations, from new start-ups to Fortune 500 packaging facilities. They bring a full understanding and appreciation of the demands of the bakery and snack food industry. Their commitment to provide the best long-term solution and return on investment is paramount.

Organic Artisan Breads Facility Application

Find out how an organic artisan bread bakery was able to slash labor costs by more than 40%, and increase delivery efficiency to restaurant and grocery chain customers.

Project Overview

A growing bakery business in the Northeast had multiple packaging lines that were hand forming and sealing boxes of artisan-style breads. They approached Wexxar and their local distribution team about on-demand packaging to save both time (increased production) and labor. The company is a growing supplier of fresh and frozen breads to major grocery retailers, restaurants and food service organizations throughout the Eastern US. Their organic products are also available direct to the customer through their outlet bakery and various farm markets.

The Customer Challenge

Due to increased demand through a major supply agreement, they began rapidly expanding operations on their partially cooked and baked organic artisan bread lines, but had limited space. They needed a solution that would reduce the amount of product accumulation and speed up production. The result would allow them to pack breads in a poly-lined container and seal the case top and bottom. This would be done on demand and in a minimal amount of space.

The Wexxar Bel Solution

The BEL 450 semi-automatic bag inserter/sealer and BEL 150 case sealer increased their line productivity by 25%, and immediately freed up plant space. This was achieved by reducing the number of operators required to line the box with a polybag and to pack breads in the box. They were also able to avoid incidental contaminants by eliminating the need to pre-erect and store boxes. Ensuring that the inside of each container was automatically lined and free of dust or other particles was highly important.

The major deciding factor in the purchase was the overwhelming labor savings which yielded a return on investment in under 3 months. The BEL 150 and BEL 450 packaging solutions ensured all lines ran with a high rate of efficiency - getting enough products out the door each day to maintain freshness and quality for their ever expanding customer base.

The standard features of both the BEL 150 and BEL 450 systems provided the key combination of operator safety and a seamless transfer of the product filled box into the sealer. Tools free adjustments allowed for quick case size changeovers during daily operation.

Both systems come standard with high performance DEKKA brand tape heads which provided a quality sealed case both top and bottom. Dekka tape heads are interchangeable and can be moved between machines, as needed. The machinery solutions further assisted this bakery operation by offering gap-free top flap sealing on their cases. A heavy-duty drive system also ensured cases left the machine squarely taped, and all bakery products were packaged and sealed in an effective manner.

Return on Investment for this Application: 3 months

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