BEL 252 Fully Automatic Case Taper

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The BEL 252 is a fully automatic uniform case taper that offers high performance, and significant value. With an ultra-compact design, the versatile BEL 252 is able to fit in most applications and can be combined with a BEL 505 system or a WF case former to create a complete form, pack and seal system.

Ultra Safe and Ultra Compact Design

The BEL 252 is able to achieve an extremely compact design due to the use of Wexxar Bel's exclusive Snap Folder flap folding system. This ultra-safe technology is able to reliably fold all four top flaps while keeping an open design where the operator can safely work next to the machine without the need for any guarding. The BEL 252 fully automatic, uniform case taper is a perfect choice for the productions looking to automate case sealing lines at a practical cost.

  • Exclusive Snap Folder Technology

    Dynamic and safe flap folding of all four top flaps allows operator to safely work next to case sealer without the need for bulky guarding.

  • Uni-Drive Belt System

    Eliminates case skew and ensures cases are squarely sealed even after years of prolonged use.

  • Compact Design

    Small machine footprint without the need for guarding allows for greater flexibility while saving your floor space.

  • Open Design

    Open design allows easy access to the machine for quick tape roll changes or trouble shooting when required.

  • Quick Changeover

    On machine pictorial guides with dual lead screws for easy size changes from either side.

  • Premium Tape Head

    Standard DEKKA SE-22 stainless steel tape head.

  • Tape Width

    3" wide tape sealing possible

  • Locking Casters

    Casters allow the entire system to be mobile and be quickly moved to different areas of the plant where required.

  • Outfeed Conveyor

    Outfeed conveyor provides a location to collect sealed and packed cases so they can be palletized or transported for further processing.

  • Speed

    up to 25 CPM (cases per minute)

  • Construction

    Premium welded frame with corrosion resistant materials including anodized aluminum and stainless steel for a paint free construction

  • Adhesion


  • Country of Origin

    Designed and Built in Canada

  • Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)

    1422 mm x 838 mm x 1524 mm (56" x 33" x 60")