Chemical Industry

Working the in the chemical industry requires attention to detail, from the designing stages to product shelf life. To preserve the integrity of products and keep the production room seamlessly flowing and safe, Wexxar offers a variety of innovative solutions.

Chemical products require precision and cautious handling during the packaging stages of production. To keep operators and customers safe, while providing high quality products without defect or damage, Wexxar has automated integrated form, pack, and seal machinery.

The Challenge

In the chemical industry, manufacturers are focused on monitoring product quality. This begins in the beginning stages of production and continues as products are packaged, shipped, and placed on the shelf. As this is done, product damage and defects can be monitored and, hopefully, decreased. To do so, engineering and plant managers must manage a large number of product SKUs, schedule multiple product runs on a single packaging line, review energy consumption, downtime, and changeovers, and conserve valuable resources by maximizing production efficiencies.

The Wexxar Bel Solution

This integrated form, pack, and seal system is designed with your end-of-line customers in mind. During production, cases and boxes are formed, packed with product, and sealed on a single machine for safe and swift packaging. This innovation uses case forming equipment and case sealing equipment for a flawless solution.

These machines, like the WFPS 2270, improve productivity, offer advanced technology solutions, and offer speed and precision in one machine. The WFPS 2270 is a fully automatic form, pack, and seal system. Using a hot melt glue sealer, packaging is precise and easy in the chemical industry. This system uses a three-foot loading and accumulation section for an all in one solution.

Forming the case, Pin and Dome technology is utilized. To pack the cases, Wexxar offers diverse conveying options to ensure that specific product requirements are met. Then, sealing is complete using a static compression system that glues the case flaps tightly to prevent dust and light from getting to the products.

With this extreme attention to detail, Wexxar makes packaging chemical products simple and safe. While some of Wexxar’s form, pack, and seal systems can be manually operated, others are available at semi-automatic and fully automatic.

In addition to safety concerns with packaging and handling chemicals, it’s crucial for plant managers to be able to track products using SKUs. Wexxar offers Auto Adjust machines. These systems are designed to allow plant managers to manage chemical product cases from a single source.

Providing a well-rounded product packaging experience to chemical industry customers, Wexxar offers safe, easy to operate, and efficient packing machinery.