BEL 270 with HMI Upgrade Option Fully Automatic Hot Melt Case Sealer

The BEL 270 Fully Automatic Top and Bottom Hot Melt Case Sealer with HMI Upgrade Option has a new control upgrade on the compact BEL 270: A color HMI and added full control of glue patterns for running different case sizes.These machines are ideal for a variety of industries, from dairy to chemicals. View more information on the BEL 270 Automatic Top and Bottom Hot Melt Case Sealer with HMI Upgrade Option.

Hi, I'm Sandra Smith, Product Manager for Wexxar Bel, powered by ProMach. Today, we're looking at our Bel 270, a fully automatic hot melt sealer capable of sealing up to 25 cases per minute. It is built on the rugged design and construction of the Bel line of machinery, featuring the unit drive conveying system, dual lead screws available on either side of the machine, and our snap folder for the fully automatic folding function.

The snap folder system folds the major and minor sections of the case down to about a 30-degree angle, passes it over the glue head, and then moves it into the compression section of the machine. Once the case is folded and the hot melt is applied, it enters the compression section for a tight, cube seal.

The Bel 270 comes standard with the Nordson ProBlue 7 system, mounted on top of the arch. However, we offer options to mount the system away from the machine and integrate various glue systems based on your needs. Additionally, we are introducing our optional controls package featuring an HMI. This provides operators with all the necessary information to operate the machine efficiently. It also allows for pre-programmed case sizes and glue lengths, which can be easily recalled when switching sizes. On traditional machines without the HMI option, these adjustments would need to be made manually inside the control cabinet. This new feature prevents operators from needing to access the control cabinet for adjustments, enhancing safety and convenience.