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Wexxar's Pack Expo Tips for Distributors

It’s that time of the year again! Pack Expo Las Vegas is less than a month away and we are especially excited this year as we will be showcasing new products from every brand at this year’s show. We have been preparing for months to ensure everything will be ready for the big show. Although you may not be exhibiting, there are still a few things you can do before and during the show to make sure you get the most from Pack Expo. For this month’s newsletter, we will be giving a few tips on how to best prepare for or for any trade show in general.

Take advantage of FREE Registration

Many show exhibitors, such as Wexxar, offer free registration for Pack Expo. Although these are mainly for customers and end-users, you can take this opportunity to contact your customers and help them register for the show. This will get allow you start talking with your customers which gets us to the next point.

Set up meetings with your customers and walk with them through the show

Walking with your customers through the show will help you identify some potential projects they have that you might be unaware of. You will also be able to answer any questions that your customer will have on the spot.

Learn about the new products at the show

Most manufacturers will talk about the new products they are showcasing at Pack Expo. Whether this is through official press releases, PMMI, Pack World or social media such as Twitter and Facebook, the information is out there. Reading and learning ahead of time to become an expert will definitely impress your customers.

To take this one level further, try and setup training sessions with suppliers to get an in depth understanding of the new products as well as a refresher on some of the older ones. This will be valuable not only during the show, but after as well. Try and schedule training when there are less people at the show such as very early in the morning or just prior to closing. We offer training at the show after each day. For more information, please contact your Regional Sales Manager.

The show continues off the floor

Make sure to set up lunch, dinner and drink appointments with customers and suppliers. Although answering emails in your hotel room isn’t a horrible idea, don’t waste this opportunity where everyone is together! Meet up with important contacts or network and meet new ones.

Keep hydrated and comfortable

You’ll be walking around a lot so make sure to always bring a comfy pair of shoes as well as a bottle of water and maybe an energy bar. Keeping a battery pack on hand in-case your phone runs out of juice is always a good idea as well.