Packaging During COVID-19

As times are changing, so are local guidelines for production lines. COVID-19 has brought upon a need for change in packaging processes, specifically in hand-pack operations. Companies are finding ways to keep their operator safe while increasing throughput due to surges in product demand. While many companies are utilizing hand-pack operations, it has proved to lead to an increase of wasted materials and time needed for each package while operators are often in cluttered and crowded areas.

In response to keeping operators safe while increasing the amount of throughput, companies are switching over to machine operations that only require one operator. Providing flexibility, mobility and adaptability, Wexxar Bel’s BEL 5252U is also able to meet all the required needs in a packaging line in forming, packing, and sealing all with just one operator. Learn more about our solutions in the video below.

Form, Pack and Seal All on One Machine

3 VS 1

The Issue

Manual, hand-pack lines are often crowded, disorganized and cluttered while being very inefficient in the forming, packing and sealing process. Furthermore, many operations pre-form their cases, taking inordinate amounts of floor space while risking damage and contamination to the formed cases.

The Solution

A single operator is able to easily form, pack and seal cases as they are needed and with minimal handling of the case, reducing the exposure of an open case. Minimal space, time and cost required for packaging are significantly reduced.

Wexxar Form, Pack and Seal Machines

3vs1 solution

Standard Solution

BEL 5252U Semi-Automatic Form, Pack & Seal Unitized Machine

The BEL 5252U is a standalone all-in-one solution for any standard form, pack and seal application. The forming section ensures safe and smooth operation while improving case squaring and reducing operation noise. The sealing section automatically folds the four top flaps down, eliminating manual folding for increased throughput speed. This system is also available in a modular format for greater customizability.

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BEL 505ss 150ss web

Enviroguard Washdown Solution

BEL 505G3SS + BEL 150SS

Enviroguard and stainless steel models such as the BEL 505G3SS + BEL 150SS are available for moist or food-safe environments which require a certain degree of corrosion resistance. The use of machinery for food packing lines is critical to ensure hygienic operation and reduce the amount of exposure cases and products get from humans or the environment. The compact build and construction of these machines allow them to be easily installed near food packing areas.

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