Packaging Machinery Showcase - WF30 Case Former / Case Erector

The WF30 is WexxarBel’s flagship automatic case erector and one of the most powerful machines in the market. Further improving on the bestselling WF20, the WF30 upgrades some of the pneumatic function of the box former with servo motion, bringing an increased amount of precision, speed and control to the already reliable and consistent WF case formers. The standard WF30 can reach speeds of up to 30 cases per minute and is great for mid to high speed applications looking for tape or hotmelt machine built to handle around the clock operation. The WF30 is able to handle an assortment of applications including RSC’s, HSC’s, Display cases, and a variety of different boxes or cases.

The WF30 also features Wexxar’s patented “Pin and Dome” technology which allows for mechanical control of the case during the entire forming process, allowing for a consistent and repeatable square forming and sealing. Other standard features of the WF30 include active flap folding with rotary folders to improve case forming, tool-less, color-coded and pictorial guided instructions for easy operation and size changeovers, tilt-out tape head for quick tape roll changes (on tape versions), and color HMI for simple machine control and troubleshooting.

The WF30 also features the S-Series, a premium line of fully automatic case formers / case erectors which features highly engineered and powerful option packages. Some options include Auto Adjusting size changeover, Enhanced Speed Package and Surge Control adaptive speed case forming. These packages can transform the already powerful and reliable WF30 machine into the ultimate packaging solution when paired with the right application.

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