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Packaging Machinery Showcase - Wexxar Packaging new Siemens HMI partnership

We are excited to announce that Wexxar Packaging will be partnering with Siemens to be our main supplier for HMI touchscreens. There will be other smaller upgrades to our machines as well but the HMI will be the most visual for the customer. This change will apply for all machines ordered after June 1st and affects all 3 brands including all machinery (which are outfitted with HMI’s) from Wexxar Bel, IPAK and Dekka.

This change was decided after careful consideration and evaluation, with the goal of providing improved performance, better customer service and a better product all around. Here are a few reasons why we believe the new HMI will be great:

  • Unitized HMI between all 3 brands allows for a more cohesive and easier to learn user experience. Users will “feel at home” no matter if they are using the tray former, case former or case sealer.
  • The new HMI and servo controls utilize faster and common types of connections allowing for greater machine control, accuracy and capability.
  • The new HMI allows for programming to be downloaded through a USB stick, making it easier to troubleshoot and setup.
  • Improved vendor support allows us to also serve your customers faster and better.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you with this change. However, we are confident that this will lead to a better level of product and service for you and your customers.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact your local sales manager or representative.

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DEKKA 500 HMI Screen