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Flex E Pack Flexible Packaging System New

The Flex E Pack is the ultimate "all-in-one" packaging system allowing for a single integrated system to handle all your case forming, packing and sealing needs. This type of solution is perfect for customers looking to automate their packaging lines beyond semi-automatic machinery, providing an easy, fast, compact and ergonomic solution. The standard system is designed for a 1 operator packing station but can be upgraded depending on your needs. The standard Flex E Pack system comes with the following machines but can be upgraded depending on your needs.

DEKKA 500 Fully Automatic Case Former - the reliable entry level fully automatic case former combines the traditional case former design with the industry leading performance engineered DEKKA SE tape head. If desired, this can also be upgraded to a Pin & Dome Wexxar Case Former.

Case Packing Station and Conveyor - the case packing conveyor is fully integrated with the case former to ensure a smooth transition between the packing station and the case former. An ergonomic foot switch is used to send the packed case into the sealer which also instructs the case former to make a new case for packing. The standard includes 1 pack station but can be upgraded to 2.

BEL 252 Fully Automatic Case Sealer - the extremely popular BEL 252 is renowned for its safety, reliability and quality. This machine delivers high levels of OEE with our exclusive Snap Folder System, and long lasting Uni-Drive belt motors. This sealer can also be changed to the glue sealing BEL 270 depending on the needs of your packaging.

This easy all in one system is not only easy, but Flex-ible, allowing us to adapt the system to your needs and requirements.

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    • All-in-one, integrated case forming, packing and sealing system
    • Up to 10 cases per minute
    • 1 person packing station (can be upgraded)
    • Ergonomic industrial foot switch
    • Snap Folder safe flap folding technology
    • User-friendly touch screen controls
    • Illustrated, color-coded adjustment instructions
  • Flex E Pack products are ideal for packaging lines with variable product flow and packing situations due to:

    • Frequent case size changes
    • Many different case sizes and pack configurations
    • Limited floor space
    • Manual inspection of the products
    • Limited technical staff
    • The high price of automated case packers and erectors
    • High SKU volume

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