Wexxar Bel Upgrades Its Flagship Agricultural Tray Former

Aug 21, 2018

RICHMOND, British Columbia., August 21, 2018 –Wexxar Bel, a product brand of ProMach, introduced today the latest refinements of its leading tray former, IPAK TF-330GH for the agricultural industry, which is rated at up to 40 trays per minute. Engineering advancements shorten the lead time for machine delivery, give customers greater operational flexibility, improve uptime, and equip agricultural customers with a ruggedly constructed machine that requires minimal maintenance.

A new adjustable tooling system creates a more universal tray former – a platform that allows agricultural packaging operations to overcome the issues associated with forming trays from different suppliers. Adjustable tooling also gives packaging operations the flexibility of setting up new tray sizes without the need of sending samples to the factory. Through mandrel and folder adjustment, the operation can quickly continue to produce trays when inconsistency of material arises. Adjustable tooling reduces tooling costs and provides greater flexibility for in-field set-up of new tray sizes. Changeover time averages 10 minutes. Maintenance free lubrication reduces upkeep and improves uptime for greater throughput. The advanced gluing system option reduces adhesive consumption by up to 40 percent over earlier machines.

The IPAK TF-330GH is easily and safely operated by less technically trained personnel thanks to several features. For example, on-machine pictographs, rather than words, guide operators through the changeover process. A new option – the single-stage, side-load magazine – doubles the time between loading, freeing operators for other duties. Ergonomic design elements make it physically easier to load the magazine. Safety systems throughout the IPAK TF-330GH feature the latest technology.

See the upgraded IPAK TF-330GH; Wexxar case forming, erecting, and packing systems; and BEL case sealing systems at the Wexxar Bel Pack Expo Booth #3546.

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