Wexxar Technologies

All Wexxar products are designed and built to a high standard of quality. Our premium products have distinct unique selling features which put us ahead of the competition. Each of our machines are made in North America, backed by one of the largest service networks with top tier Wexxar Bel service technicians ready to answer all your questions. Wexxar Bel machines are customizable to fit your needs, no matter how specific.

Pin & Dome

Wexxar machines feature the ultra reliable case forming patented1 technology Pin & Dome system that has been proven to surpass all other forms of case opening technologies in its ability to give continuous repeatable output regardless of corrugated quality. The Pin & Dome is a simple, maintenance-free mechanical system that ensures maximum uptime without using vacuum cups.

This system consists of two hardened steel pins which operate in conjunction with a raised steel dome. The case is thrust upward onto multiple Pin & Dome modules which permit the domes to guide the pins precisely into the flutes of the corrugated. The modules are mounted on opposing hinged plates that forces the case open, providing a superior case erecting system that overcomes the shortcomings of vacuum case erectors.

1 US. Patent No 7,766,808 & 7,422,552

Pin and dome
WISE thumb

WISE System

The WISE System is the eco-system of user-centric features found on all Wexxar Bel equipment. These functions enhance the operator experience at every interaction with the machine to improve ease of use and efficiency. The WISE System includes textless instructions, color-coded size changeovers, graphical user interface on the HMI System, and on-board machine tuning and troubleshooting.

Detailed maintenance schedules, step-by-step guides on machine operation, change-over, tips on improving machine performance and more can all be found on Dozuki. Visit https://wexxar.dozuki.com/, where you can easily access the guides with a laptop or computer.

Wexxar Bel's constant push towards innovation is reflected by the WISE System. With enhanced operator interaction, increased efficiency and ease of use, our features are designed to provide only the finest experience.

Additional Features

WF30 Gap Flap AFM

Dynamic Flap Folding

Wexxar case formers utilize a dynamic flap folding system to ensure reliable, consistent folding while also keeping the machine footprint to a minimum.


Safety Measures

From E-stop stations, interlocked guarding, to clearly defined labeling, all Wexxar machines are designed and built with complete operational safety.

Auto Adjust

Servo Motion Control

Servo motors are smartly and efficiently integrated into Wexxar to provide superior speed, precision and energy savings for our customers.