IPAK Tray Former Systems

Our tray formers are capable of forming a variety of tray styles, including pizza style front rollover trays, compact 4 corner trays, retail ready display trays, and more. IPAK machines have a tray for every industry while offering maximum uptime and high speed capabilities. Browse IPAK Machinery's tray former videos to see the machines in action.

Through the use of servo motors, IPAK tray formers:

  • Increase production rates
  • Decrease maintenance requirements

With any inquiries and to learn more about the Ipak tray and bliss former systems, contact Wexxar Bel today.

The TF-200 is built for retail ready display trays that are needed around the clock.

TF-200TQ S-Series with Triangulated Corner 4 - Rollover Display Tray.

The TF-260A S-Series is ideal for forming 6-corner trays.

The TF-300CT S-Series offers speed and efficiency for breaker trays.

The TF-330 S-Series is ideal for produce and agriculture applications

The TF-350 S-Series is ideal for food and consumer good applications.