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Craft Beer Industry

Wexxar Bel and IPAK work with a wide range of industries that handle diverse product types to ensure that every product is properly packaged for manufacturing, shipping, and distribution. Wexxar Bel provides the craft beer industry with reliable end of line solutions for safe and efficient packaging by utilizing unique machinery specialized for corrugated container packaging.

One of the most popular machines used in breweries and wineries is the BEL 505 semi-automatic case former with the BEL 270 fully automatic top and bottom hot melt case sealer. This combination allows an operator to open, load, and perfectly seal cases in a quick and easy fashion. The BEL 505 and BEL 270 integration provides a compact footprint with ergonomic case forming and sealing that maximizes efficiency, running up to 15 cases per minute.

For fully automatic case forming solutions, Wexxar Bel offers the WF30 case former with the patented Pin & Dome technology. Features include active case opening and flap folding for reliable case forming and sealing, user-friendly HMI controls, optional Enviroguard packages, and the ability to run up to 30 cases per minute.

IPAK machines reduce production time and increase efficiency with fully automatic tray forming solutions. From retail-ready to standard four-corner trays, IPAK’s tray forming systems includes easy tray blank loading, interlocked safety guarding, servo-driven blank advance and flap folding, and the ability to run up to 30 trays per minute.

The craft brew industry requires careful and precise packaging systems with a variety of cases and trays without affecting the integrity of the beverage. It is crucial to have the right machinery for every step of the manufacturing process. Wexxar Bel and IPAK provides effective semi-automatic and fully automatic solutions that fit the industry’s needs while improving production rates and preserving product.