BEL 185 Semi-Automatic Random Case Taper

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The BEL 185 is a semi-automatic random top & bottom case sealer. Ideal for continuous, multiple-size case operations, the BEL 185 case sealer automatically sizes independently to each case, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. The superior performance and safety provisions of the BEL 185 offers operator comfort and increased productivity above that of similar case sealers.

Open Design with Ultra-Safe Operation

The BEL 185 is able to have a compact and open design due to the force-sensitive guide rails and extended height sensor providing new levels of safety. The compact and open design of the machine allows for mobility and versatility as well quick tape refills and ease of maintenance and troubleshooting.

  • Random Case Sealing

    Ability to change sizes automatically based on the presented case for immediate case size changes.

  • Ultra-Safe Operation

    Pressure sensitive guide rails and extended height sensor allow for a completely safe operation.

  • Premium Tape Head

    Comes standard with DEKKA SE-22 stainless steel tape head.

  • Tape Width

    3" wide tape sealing possible

  • Locking Casters

    Casters allow the entire system to be mobile and be quickly moved to different areas of the plant where required.

  • Outfeed Conveyor

    Outfeed conveyor provides a location to collect sealed and packed cases so they can be palletized or transported for further processing.

  • Enviroguard Stainless Steel Option

    Both the erector and sealer can be ordered in a stainless steel configuration for environments requiring additional water or corrosion resistance.

  • Speed

    up to 20 CPM (cases per minute)

  • Construction

    Heavy duty, welded steel frame providing years of machine life with minimal maintenance

  • Adhesion


  • Country of Origin

    Designed and Built in Canada

  • Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)

    1264 mm x 762 mm x 1524 mm (49.75" x 30" x 60")