Packaging Machinery Showcase - Semi-Automatic Hot Melt Sealing

bel 270

Hot melt sealing and equipment have been traditionally used by higher speed applications or bigger companies with larger capital. However, with the decreasing costs to hot melt and the long-term cost savings, hot melt case sealing has become a viable option even for smaller companies or low speed applications. With reliable folding, extremely compact footprint and top and bottom case sealing, the BEL 270 is the prefect machine for these applications.

Unlike most hot melt machines, the BEL 270 is very compact, making it perfect for small and semi-automatic operations. The use of Wexxar Bel’s signature“Snap Folder” technology reliably folds cases while eliminating the need for guarding compact, allowing for the compact footprint.

Most semi-automatic case equipment dictates that the box must be packed or filled prior to sealing the bottom. However, there are almost no case sealers in the market which can seal both the top and the bottom after the case is filled. The BEL 270 is one of those exceptions. The design of the machine prevents product from falling out when the bottom of the box is opened during glue application.

The compact size, elimination of guarding, and the ability to pair with semi-automatic case erectors, like the BEL 505, make the BEL 270 the perfect hot melt case sealer for semi-automatic packing lines. Many users of the BEL 270 include craft breweries and wineries, food producers, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, and more. As the BEL 270 is a fully automatic case sealer, it also provides the versatility for many of these operations to grow output without the need for upgrading their machinery.

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