Wexxar Packaging's New Motion-Enhanced Pin & Dome System on WF30 Case Formers Increases Reliability

Sep 24, 2009

Delta, British Columbia, Canada; Las Vegas NV - Wexxar Packaging, a division of ProMach, has added the FestoTM electro-mechanical servo system to its patented Pin & Dome technology featured on WF30 case formers to deliver industry-leading control over higher speed case forming. The enhanced automatic WF30 provides reliable, consistent case forming even with varied quality and types of corrugated. The WF30 will be on display at the Wexxar Bel booth C-514 during Pack Expo in Las Vegas, October 5-7, 2009.

"One of the changes we're seeing in packaging is an increase in the amount of recycled material being used in corrugated, which is much more variable than non-recycled material, especially at higher speeds" says William Chu, General Manager at Wexxar. "It's a trend that impacts all aspects of packaging in one way or another."

A machine's performance is affected by the age, size, shape, and design of the corrugated material. The addition of recycled content can exacerbate existing corrugated imperfections, causing additional warp, dimensional variations, and increased fragility. The WF30's new servo system solves these challenges by reacting to the resistance cases present when being opened using a linear actuator and sends that information to the WF30 control platform, which compensates for any variances and maintains a consistent case forming speed.

The servo system also makes continual, automatic adjustments to the Pin & Dome case opening motion to help ensure speed is maintained, regardless of corrugated quality, thickness, or case size. This increases reliability and handling of everything from heavy-duty, double-wall cases to cases made of softer, recycled material. The WF30 servo system even adapts to different types of corrugated cases alternately presented for opening. Because the servo system is electric, adjustments at higher speeds are automatic, responding more readily to minor fluctuations in the forming process. The new FestoTM electro-mechanical servo system makes the WF30 more energy-efficient and is now standard on all WF30 machines.

"In less demanding environments, greater variances in corrugated can be addressed manually, but at higher speeds, these corrugated variances can impact the time it takes to open cases and can impact case flow across an entire production line, especially over long periods of operation," says Chu. "This is just another example of how we're trying to anticipate customers' needs by staying one step ahead of trends."

The WF30 servo system ties into an advanced Allen-Bradley CompactLogix control platform with built-in Ethernet, allowing for a machine to be diagnosed and its software to be uploaded remotely where network capable systems are available. The CompactLogix control platform is also standard on the WF30.

In addition to the electro-mechanical servo, Pin & Dome, and CompactLogix systems, the WF30 features Flex Speed selectable speed ranges for different case types, a color-coded tactile guide and tools-free adjustments, advanced interlocking safety guarding, Remote Demand Control for pausing production when the discharge conveyor is full, and positive case squaring that delivers cases upright and ready for packing. The WF30 is available with tape or glue bottom sealing.

Depending on case size, the WF30 forms up to 30 cases per minute, making it ideal for national and multi-national customers with 24/7, high-volume packing and shipping needs. The WF30 featuring the electro-mechanical servo system will be available from Wexxar Packaging and its nationwide distributors at year end 2009.

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