Wexxar Packaging Inc celebrates 30 years of packaging solutions

Sep 12, 2007

Delta, British Columbia; Las Vegas, NV - Wexxar Packaging Inc., makers of Wexxar Bel products, is proud to announce that it will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in the packaging industry at Pack Expo in Las Vegas, October 15-17, 2007.

Since its founding in October 1977, Wexxar has grown from 15 employees to over 200 employees and has evolved its product offering from three machines to a wide array of semi and fully automatic Case Formers, Tray Formers, Bliss Formers, and Case Sealers. "Our challenge for all of these years has been to adapt our machines to the ever-changing needs and complexities of packaging, and to still keep our machinery easy to operate and reliable." Says William Chu, General Manager at Wexxar Packaging. "We seek to keep the engineered expertise that's built in every machine, but at a level that is still easy to replicate and to use. This operating philosophy has kept our machinery exciting to make for 30 years, and should continue to serve us well into the future."

During the past 30 years, Wexxar Bel products have been at the forefront of their industry, introducing over 15 major innovations such as Top and Bottom Case Sealing (TB-6), Pin and Dome technology, the BEL 505 pack station and Snap Folder. Wexxar Bel machines feature many patented technologies, and the company has won business awards, including International Exporter of the Year and the BC Export award.

The first machines that rolled off the line in 1977 were the bottom glue sealer (BG-1), top sealer (TS-2) and the bottom former (BF-1).

One machine in particular, the TB-6, released in 1979, was the first case taper to feature simultaneous top and bottom sealing, which created a paradigm shift in the way people packed their products. It allowed loading and sealing to occur as a single action and saved companies floor space. Tasks that used 20 feet of floor space could now be accomplished within seven feet. Wexxar sold thousands of TB-6s, many of which are still in production today, and assured Wexxar's reputation as an industry innovator.

As a testament to Wexxar's innovation, knowledge of corrugated shipping containers, and understanding of how products are packed, many of Wexxar Bel's first customers have remained loyal, including General Mills, Ghirardelli Chocolates, and Saputo Cheese.

Today, Wexxar Bel's history of innovation continues in its line of WF Case Formers, which feature its signature Pin and Dome technology and color coded set-up guide, and in it's Case Sealers, which feature the Snap Folder.

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