Wexxar Introduces New BEL 180 Random Case Sealer

Dec 16, 2007

(Delta, British Columbia, Canada) - Wexxar Packaging announced today its new BEL 180 Random Case Sealer, which provides a compact, flexible, easy-to-use solution performing uniform and random case sealing on the same machine. A single button controls uniform and random operation of the BEL 180. In random mode, top and side adjusters handle and tape cases of varying sizes. By pressing an automatic set size button, adjusters can be set in place to run batches of uniform size cases without waiting for them to reset for each case.

The BEL 180 features a unique, side-belt driven case transport mechanism - not found on other random machines - which holds cases in place and allows for top and bottom or bottom-only sealing. Side belts are also synchronized to eliminate skewing and ensure cases leave the machine squarely taped.

For added safety, Wexxar's BEL 180 has a fully enclosed control panel, fix keyed interlocking safety switches on all guard doors, tilt-out tape head, and multiple emergency stops. The BEL 180 is also compact and portable, allowing customers to optimize their packaging lines in multiple configurations. It features a four-foot, stainless steel frame and built-in roller conveyors, which can be extend one foot at either end, extending the machine length up to six feet. Additionally, the BEL 180 is available with castors, allowing customers to wheel it in and out of production lines. For industries in which daily clean-up is part of their packing process, the BEL 180 is available in a wash down model.

Companies such as fulfillment houses, contract packagers and copackers with medium volumes and high product diversity, benefit greatly from the BEL 180's flexibility, competitive cost, and high quality case sealing.

"In one word, the BEL 180 Case Sealer offers our customers flexibility. It allows them to perform uniform and random case sealing using one machine," said William Chu, Wexxar Vice President and General Manager. "Its flexibility makes the BEL 180 ideal for packagers who work with several different products and box sizes. This one machine provides optimum batching capability. Users can run alternate sizes for a while and then switch to uniform batch runs as long as they need to with the press of a button."

About Wexxar

At Wexxar Bel, corrugated container packaging applications are limited only by the imagination. Our Wexxar case formers and case sealers have been installed in nearly 40 countries and consistently bring customers the lowest cost of ownership and the highest standards of safety. Wexxar also offers the Bel line of corrugated box sealers, tapers, and packing systems as well as the IPAK line of tray and bliss formers, stackers, and sealers systems. As part of the ProMach End of Line business line, Wexxar helps our packaging customers protect and grow the reputation and trust of their consumers. ProMach is performance, and the proof is in every package. Learn more about Wexxar Bel at www.Wexxar.com.

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