Wexxar Bel Introduces Major Enhancements to their Highly Acclaimed Automatic Case Taper and Hot Melt Glue Case Sealer at Pack Expo 2017

Sep 21, 2017

Wexxar Bel makes advancements to the BEL 250 pressure-sensitive case taper and BEL 270 hot melt glue case sealer, helping to reduce downtime, simplify operation, and increase resistance to wear. (Wexxar Bel Pack Expo Booth # C-2827)

RICHMOND, British Columbia Wexxar Bel, powered by ProMach, introduces at Pack Expo, Sept. 25-27 in Las Vegas, key advancements to its top selling automatic case taping and sealing solutions – the BEL 250 pressure-sensitive taper and the BEL 270 hot melt glue sealer. The upgrades to these 20 case per minute (CPM) machines reduce the complexity and time associated with maintenance, speed up changeover, and simplify operation. (Wexxar Bel Pack Expo Booth # C-2827)

Wexxar Bel Model 250 Case Taper Pack Expo 2017

From hours to minutes to service the folders

The innovative Wexxar Bel Snap Folder System reduces the footprint of the company’s tapers and sealers by eliminating the need for guarding, and it improves worker safety. Prior to this upgrade, servicing this critical system required a series of complex steps that also necessitated machine readjustment at the end of the process. Now, maintenance personnel simply stand next to the BEL 250 or BEL 270, pop off the top, and replace bearings or perform other routine maintenance. Because of this change, the machine is ready to resume taping or sealing within minutes as opposed to what previously could have required hours. “With this and other upgrades to the BEL 250/270 platform, we’ve made it faster for our customers to go from downtime to uptime and improve taper or sealer utilization,” says Sander Smith, Wexxar Bel product manager.

Simpler operation leads to faster changeover

Wexxar Bel design engineers performed a comprehensive reimagining of how today’s diverse workforce interacts with the company’s equipment to achieve optimum throughput. The BEL 250/270 platform now features more intuitive user control, including quick-change color-coded components and graphic rather than text-based on-machine instructions and labels. Based consumer testing, says Smith, “Color coding and quick-change components are foundational for simpler operation.”

Greater resistance to wear leads to longer service life

For longer service life and resistance to wear, rugged stainless steel, aluminum, and ultra-high-molecular-weight (UHMW) polyethylene-based parts were incorporated throughout the BEL 250/270 platform, replacing many of the less durable materials such as plated-mild-steel components, which can corrode when scratched.

Wexxar Bel Model 270 Case Taper Pack Expo 2017
Summary of key differentiating platform features:
  • 20 CPM
  • Robust frame for 24/7 operation
  • Extremely small machine footprint
  • Innovative Snap Folder System for safe, reliable top flap folding
  • Centralized, color-coded setup guides
  • Uni-Drive Belt System which eliminates case skew and ensures cases are squarely sealed

Wexxar Bel case formers, erectors, and sealers yield a lower cost of ownership through greater dependability, higher productivity, maximum throughput, and a high standard of safety. Be sure to stop by the Wexxar Bel Pack Expo Booth #C-2827 for machine demonstrations on the BEL 250 automatic case taper and BEL 270 hot melt glue sealer. For more information about Wexxar Bel’s full line of case formers, erectors, and automatic case sealers as well as IPAK tray formers, call 888-565-3219 and visit www.wexxar.com.

About Wexxar

At Wexxar Bel, corrugated container packaging applications are limited only by the imagination. Our Wexxar case formers and case sealers have been installed in nearly 40 countries and consistently bring customers the lowest cost of ownership and the highest standards of safety. Wexxar also offers the Bel line of corrugated box sealers, tapers, and packing systems as well as the IPAK line of tray and bliss formers, stackers, and sealers systems. As part of the ProMach End of Line business line, Wexxar helps our packaging customers protect and grow the reputation and trust of their consumers. ProMach is performance, and the proof is in every package. Learn more about Wexxar Bel at www.Wexxar.com.

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