Tray Stackers from IPAK Machinery Ensure Quality Operations

Apr 15, 2012

IPAK Machinery designs tray stackers to ensure that all of your trays are organized for proper production. The “IPAK” tray stackers gently stack your trays in a pre-programmed configuration for ease of palletizing or distribution. With a programmable counter on the tray stacker, your tray stacker has optimal stack height for various tray depths. Fully automatic in-feed control and out-feed pushers make operating the tray stacking equipment easy.

All of the tray stackers available have independent controls including PLC and are fully adjustable to accept various sizes and depths of trays. Ipak Machinery ensures quality tray stacking machinery. If you are looking for dependable equipment, the tray stackers use a gentle means of stacking trays for faster and smoother palletizing and distribution.

The tray stack TS-100 Series is a fully automatic tray stacker. Features on the TS-100 include its mechanical drive train, its pneumatic actuation with FRL, its space efficient footprint, in-feed guides, an in-feed control gate, a programmable counter, the automatic advancement of stacked trays, a corrosion resistant construction, and its control by remote demand. With features that ensure customers receive quality stacked trays, the TS-100 Series is designed and built to withstand the rigors of continuous, heavy-duty applications. The TS-100 Series is available in basic versions for stacking trays of uniform footprint or fully adjustable versions capable of stacking trays of different sizes. The tray stackers from “IPAK” are built for the sake of customers. Enjoy easier palletizing or distribution with properly stacked trays. The TS Series is a mechanical drive train, equipped with in-feed guides to keep everything running smoothly. A programmable counter to stack trays in a predetermined quantity comes standard on the TS-100 tray stacker.

Ensuring reliability and durability, the “IPAK” Machinery professional service team has worked hard to create a quality tray stacker. The TS-100 tray stacker reaches a speed of up to 30 trays per minute. The machine includes a PLC operated sequence and timing control, the NEMA 12 control panel, and its lock-out and tag-out compliance. If you are looking for a dependable tray stacker, the TS-100 is the perfect solution. With plenty of features to ensure your specifications are fully satisfied, the TS Series is designed to meet needs—in a quick, easy manner.

The tray stackers from “IPAK” Machinery are gentle to keep your trays in the proper condition. With the pre-programmed configuration, palletizing and distributing is never an issue. You get to choose how many trays are in each stack. With all of the available options on the TS-100 tray stacker, you can get all of your tray stacking requirements met by “IPAK” Machinery. Enjoy a machine that is gentle, yet durable, dependable and strong. With the TS-100 you get tray stackers and tray de-stackers. Known for reliability, dependability, and value, “IPAK” Machinery created the TS-100 Series for optimal use, time-efficiency, and accuracy. Enjoy all of the benefits of the TS-100, from quicker processing to easier manufacturing. IPAK, designing machinery to meet all customer needs.

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