New White Paper: Automatic Tray Formers, What You Need To Know

Sep 05, 2012

Vancouver, British Columbia - A new white paper from IPAK reveals what to look for when choosing the right supplier for automatic tray forming machinery. The paper examines the importance of selecting a manufacturer with a willingness to fully understand the needs and objectives of the customer and provide not only the latest technology, but to use a team approach to solving customer challenges. This process begins by partnering with a knowledgeable manufacturer who can help guide the selection process, identify any potential pitfalls at the onset of the project, and ensure the best tray forming solution is the ultimate result.

In today’s fast moving manufacturing environment, automation has become a key component in staying competitive and efficient, and nowhere is this more evident than in industries that depend on automatic tray forming equipment. Industries such as produce packing, food and beverage packaging, and stores that want retail ready packaging need fast, reliable, and efficient automatic tray forming equipment to give them the edge necessary for maximum profitability.

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