New Generation Tray Forming Machines: Deliver High Performance

May 29, 2013

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – IPAK, powered by ProMach, has published a white paper detailing how new design considerations, digital motion control, and an emphasis on achieving the lowest total cost of ownership have transformed tray forming machines into next generation solutions that open the door to many bottom-line benefits.

IPAK’s new generation of servo controlled tray forming machines is bringing a higher level of performance to tray formers. The reasons are:

  • Faster changeover
  • Lower cost to maintain
  • Reduced number of parts
  • Less wear on those parts
  • Fewer parts to inventory
  • Smaller footprint machines

Trays are one of the most efficient and sustainable packaging options available today, because they consume a minimum amount of material, and typically contain up to 75 percent recycled content. The “reduce and reuse” characteristic of trays dovetails exceedingly well with the goals of customers seeking sustainable packaging and makes trays a preferred packaging solution. Products packaged in trays are also more immediately visible and facilitate the success of club and warehouse stores’ retail display strategies.

Follow this link to download a copy of the new tray forming white paper from IPAK: For more information on new generation tray formers please contact IPAK at 1-888-565-3219 or 604-940-8073.

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