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Jun 11, 2012

IPAK manufactures fully automatic tray machinery that provides industry-leading performance and reliability for heavy-duty applications. With a full line of integrated case forming, tray packing, and sealing solutions, IPAK is ready to meet your tray packaging needs.

The tray and bliss forming systems from IPAK are designed for industrial, agricultural, and distribution applications. Designed for heavy duty, around the clock operation, the tray maker products ensure customer products are safe, secure, and ready for shipping.

The tray machinery from IPAK includes the fully automatic line of tray packaging machines, custom tray packing products, and a custom tray maker. The fully automatic tray machine can form all standard tray styles including product trays, complex retail display trays, and trays for bakery, meat packing, and food processing.

The tray maker ATL incorporates a self-locking style, forming self-lock style trays with two or four sided fold-overs. The ATL is designed to handle numerous formats with tuck top flap, display trays, and integral dividers. When you need durable machinery, the IPAK tray packaging equipment is the perfect solution. With wide capabilities, each tray maker is operator friendly to ensure efficient and effective results.

The automatic tray machine RP-100 has a returnable plastic container erector designed to form reusable plastic totes used by fresh fruit and vegetable growers, distributors, and retailers. When you have IPAK tray machinery, products are safe and secure for shipping. Ensure that your products are properly packed and sealed.

The automatic tray maker TF-300CT forms column case, or L-corner post, style trays. Used for agricultural, food processing, distribution, retail display, and other applications, this tray packing system forms standard corner post trays or specialty trays with top flaps, stacking ledges, corner caps, display openings, and more.

Ensuring that your products are in perfect condition throughout each stage of processing, the automatic tray formers from IPAK are beneficial. Forming support through various tray styles, your products remain intact and ready for distribution.

Custom tray machinery is also available from IPAK. Able to custom engineer tray formers to meet the specifications of unique and challenging applications, IPAK works hard to not only meet your product needs, but exceed your expectations.

The custom automatic tray maker VF-100L is a vertical forma tray packaging system with an automatic HSC lidding attachment. When your industry requires unique specifications, IPAK’s VF-100L includes an all mechanic drive train with a fully interlocked safety guarding.

The TF-200CP tray machine forms a regular tray while simultaneously gluing a wooden corner post into each of the four corners of the tray. Designed specifically for use in the stone industry, the TF-200CP can be used in a variety of industries.

Each tray maker from IPAK is built with a rugged engineering and heavy-duty construction to deliver around-the-clock performance in the most demanding environments. Get the tray-forming equipment to keep your products safe for distribution. Meet your product tray packing needs with IPAK Machinery and enjoy long lasting, durable tray formers and tray stacking machinery.

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