IPAK Machinery Strengthens Retail Ready Display Solutions with Enhanced TF-200TQ

Sep 30, 2014
  • IPAK’s enhanced TF-200TQ boasts increased speed, superior forming consistency, tray aesthetics and flexibility in compact, easy to maintain design
  • See the IPAK TF-200TQ tray former at Pack Expo International, November 2-5, Booth 5331, North Hall

Richmond, BC - IPAK, powered by ProMach, continues to strengthen its position as the leading solution provider for producing retail ready displays and other tray packages. IPAK’s compact, servo-based TF-200TQ creates high quality, aesthetically pleasing retail ready displays with rollover windows at speeds up to 32 trays per minute.

IPAK’s precise servos allow greater control of speed, monitoring, diagnostics, and sequence programming which translates into higher performance, with less packaging waste and increased cost savings. Less force during forming also allows softer handling, a quieter machine and more pleasing tray displays where aesthetics and performance are paramount.

  • Performance advantages and model enhancements include:
  • Active column pusher forces triangle corner posts to tray bottom for strong, aesthetically pleasing trays.
  • Dual parallel compression creates a complete bond across all glued portions.
  • Rollover display windows simultaneously created during tray forming for increased aesthetics and better flap bonding.
  • Optimal Motion System for precise blank handling without double picking.
  • Easy access air regulators for simple, fast adjustments.
  • Moisture resistant chrome shafting.
  • Nordson Liberty heat-on-demand glue system with integrated stainless steel feeder tank to reduce waste, char, downtime and energy consumption.
  • Enhanced filter regulator, and coalescing (FRC) system with two-stage filtration and moisture collection from air feeds without oil lubrication.

The TF-200TQ is fully adjustable to form various tray sizes and depths. Change-overs are clearly defined and repeatable with preset tray size recipes, color-coded dials and handles, and convenient on machine instructions. Size changes can be performed in less than 15 minutes. Common applications include fresh fruit and produce, snack foods, candies, stand up pouches and bags, bottled beverages, coffee, boxed food, hand wipes and other products in cartons and canisters.

“IPAK systems deliver stronger, more consistently formed, square and securely glued trays than any other machines in the industry,” said Dyrl Nixon, IPAK Product Manager. “The TF-200TQ combines the latest technology and ergonomic design principles with IPAK’s years of experience in delivering high value, high performance tray formers. The result is a small footprint machine that delivers unequaled efficiency, performance, ease of use, and investment value.”

The TF-200TQ tray former will be featured at Pack Expo International, November 2-5 in Booth 5331, North Hall.

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