IPAK Introduces First Automatic Tray Former for Returnable Plastic Containers

Sep 26, 2011

Please note that IPAK is no longer manufacturing RPC machines, for all RPC or Reusable Plastic Container related inquiries, please visit www.edson.com.

  • Green Automation
  • RP-100 is North American industry exclusive
  • See IPAK RP-100 in Wexxar booth at Pack Expo, Las Vegas

Richmond, BC; Las Vegas, NV - IPAK, powered by ProMach, introduces the RP-100, North America's first returnable plastic container (RPC) erector. The IPAK RP-100 machine securely forms reusable plastic containers, while reducing labor costs and repetitive strain injuries related to forming returnable plastic trays by hand. It delivers the economic benefits and scales of production formerly unavailable to RPC operations, but are now available with automation. It will be on display in the Wexxar booth C-1719 at Pack Expo in Las Vegas, September 26-28, 2011.

The IPAK RP-100 fully-automatic RPC erector, manufactured by Wexxar Packaging, is ideal for fresh fruit and vegetable growers, distributors and retailers. RPCs are used by produce packagers who take advantage of their natural cooling properties, as well as for the sustainable benefits of reusable transport containers. In the past, RPCs were typically formed by hand, which added labor costs and expenses related to repetitive strain injuries. Today, the RP-100 automatically forms stacks of up to 30 un-erected RPC totes at a rate of 25 containers per minute. RPCs can be loaded flat on either side of the machine. The RP-100 picks one tray at a time from the bottom and pushes it forward where the tray walls are automatically lifted and locked into place. Many packaging environments can now benefit from the sustainability of RPCs and still maintain their production demands.

"Sustainable packaging no longer means sacrificing the economies of automation," says Dyrl Nixon, IPAK product manager. "Many produce growers ship products in RPCs at the request of their customers."

"The RP-100, like all our IPAK models, is built for demanding agricultural conditions," adds Nixon. "RPCs reduce environmental impact because they are washable and reusable, whereas soiled corrugated containers must be compacted, recycled and re-ordered. We believe the RP-100 has applications beyond the produce industry as well."

The IPAK RP-100 comes standard with a dual Easy-Load infeed magazine that allows seven stacks of RPCs to be primed for production at all times. The machine erects common footprint size RPC totes in depths of 3" to 6-1/2" without adjustments. It comes equipped with a color touchscreen HMI, advanced interlocking safety guarding, Remote Demand Control for pausing production when the discharge conveyor is full, and a patented compression module that consistently delivers securely formed RPCs.

The RP-100 forms 25 returnable plastic trays per minute, making it suitable for national and international growers with 24/7 packing and shipping needs. IPAK and Wexxar Packaging will be demonstrating the RP-100 in booth C-1719 and taking inquiries for 2012

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