IPAK Introduces at Pack Expo a New Automatic Tray Former for Produce Packers Requiring High Productivity at Low Operating Cost

Aug 31, 2017

IPAK's TF-330GH tray former gives greenhouses and other tray packing operations maximum return on investment though low-cost operation, high throughput, and flexibility in tray type. (IPAK Pack Expo Booth #C-2827)

RICHMOND, British Columbia - IPAK, powered by ProMach, introduces at Pack Expo, Sept. 25-27 in Las Vegas, its next generation automatic tray former for greenhouse produce, field-grown produce, baked goods, and other products packed in trays. The new IPAK TF-330GH tray former utilizes the latest technology, long wearing components, and fast, precise changeover to ensure users achieve a high return on investment. IPAK's fully automatic tray formers provide industry leading performance and reliability for heavy-duty applications. (IPAK Pack Expo Booth # C-2827)

The TF-330GH features robust construction for years of continuous operation producing perfectly formed trays at up to 40 units-per-minute. IPAK product engineers designed the TF-330GH with a compact footprint for efficient use of floor space and efficient air and power consumption to reduce operating costs. A sealed-for-life servo drive for the mandrel, nickel-plated chains, and convenient access to internal components also contribute to one of the lowest costs of ownership.

For maximum flexibility, the TF-330GH can form a wide assortment of trays in small to large sizes, including: all formats of Euro-style; multi-use box (MUB) tray; and 4-corner and 4-corner with snap-lock lid.

To efficiently run different tray styles and maintain high productivity, the TF-330GH features quick-change color-coded components, and intuitive navigation of the human machine interface (HMI). Graphic-based instructions and labels on the machine also help to increase operator comprehension.

The TF-330GH features a globally supported Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC, seven-inch touchscreen HMI, and other controls, as well as independently controlled and self-cleaning vacuum picking systems for optimal handling of blanks. IPAK selected one of Nordson's latest hotmelt glue systems for its fast changeover capabilities, accuracy, conservation of consumables, and operator safety functionality.

On high-volume lines, the TF-330GH can be integrated with the IPAK TS-100 empty tray stacker to ensure that packing lines always have ample trays. The TF-330GH operates on 240-volt three-phase electricity, eliminating the need for special power requirements. All IPAK tray formers are designed and built in North America, which enables fast service on new tooling and rapid delivery of replacement parts. Support personnel can be reached 24/7. IPAK PMMI certified trainers ensure optimum training outcomes.

Be sure to stop by the IPAK Pack Expo Booth #C-2827 to see the new TF-330GH in action. Call 888-565-3219 for more information and visit www.ipakmachinery.com for the company's full line up of tray forming, sealing, stacking, and feeding solutions.

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