Furniture and Fixtures Industry

IPAK is serving the furniture and fixtures industry with a variety of tray forming systems. When looking to package and protect furniture products, consider the benefits of the custom tray forming equipment from IPAK.

The IPAK Solution

The tray forming systems are used for industrial and distribution applications. Designed for heavy duty, around the clock operation, these machines allow for a wide variety of uses on fixture products. The fully automatic tray formers and tray erectors are able to form all standard tray styles including all trays necessary in the furniture industry. The RP-100 automatic tray former is a returnable plastic container erector, designed to form reusable plastic totes. Benefits of using this equipment includes reduced labor costs. The ATH & ATL automatic tray formers include the hot melt glue closure. With corner glued trays, flaps inside and outside, a one-piece telescope, an econo-tray, an extended top flap, bag-in-box styles, an MUB style, HSC lidding, and so much, the ATH is built for heavy duty production of furniture pieces.

The fully automatic tray formers are available from IPAK for use in the furniture and fixtures industry. Automatically engineered three-piece cases that balance maximum stacking stretch are formed with this equipment. The ABH automatic tray former has end or side insert panels, straight or triangular corner inside flanges, extended top flaps, and HSC lidding. With a variety of options, IPAK ensures products in the furniture and fixtures industry will receive top-notch treatment. The ABH takes care of tray forming needs, as it is durable, dependable, and compact. With a corrosion resistant finish throughout, this machine includes a programmable electronic glue pattern control and an optional pendant mounted operator interface. There are numerous IPAK machines to meet the needs of the furniture and fixtures industry. Get in touch today to talk with someone who can find a custom solution for your product(s).