DEKKA SE-26 6" Tape Head


With the surging growth of e-commerce and the general increase in adoption of service based transport, companies are increasingly facing the risk of product pilfering and tampering. To address the need for additional security during transport, Dekka is introducing the all new DEKKA SE 6” Tape Head!

Automatic case formers and case sealers equipped with the 6” version of the DEKKA SE can apply 6” wide tape to the case, creating an impregnable seal which can only be broken through tampering or destroying the tape and case. This is the perfect defence for any high value products which can be subject to theft transport.

This ultra-secure tape head has been adopted by an international garment retailer where there have been issues with product pilfering. With the new tape head, the company will cut down costs in terms of lost items, but also reduce the blemish on its bland from lack of supply for its loyal and paying customers.

In the application, the DEKKA SE 6” is installed in a WF30 Fully Automatic Case Sealer. The machine also features a customized adaptor which allows the user to interchange between the DEKKA SE 6” and a DEKKA SE 3”.

Take a look at the video link below to see the tape head and machine in action.

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