Trays with Lid

IPAK offers tray forming machines for trays with lids to ensure that your product is well protected.

4 corner tray lid

4-Corner Tray with Lid

This 4-corner tray has a one piece lid that is flange sealed to the lip and side walls. This tray is ideal for high impact graphics with multiple printing surfaces. Products can easily be top-loaded in sizes from a small tray to a very large tray.

6 corner tray

6 Corner Tray

The 6-corner tray is great for applications where you need pack directly into a shipping tray. With all six corners glued it is easy to handle and provides great medium for graphics and it stacks well.

Column case RSC fop flaps

Column Case with RSC Top Flaps

This case is ideal for business-to-business transport of protein products and bag-in-the-box applications. The reinforced corners and side wall provide excellent stacking strength.

4 corner rollover sidewall lid

4-Corner Rollover Sidewall with Lid

This 4-corner tray has a one piece lid with tuck in flaps. One piece lid is ideal for high impact graphics. Fewer seams also mean that smaller products, such as electronics or medical supplies stay put.

4 corner tapered tray lid

4-Corner Tapered Tray with Lid

This tray is great for produce items and bulk packs, with the ability to be formed to meet your needs.

4 corner full overlap lid tray

4-Corner Full Overlap Lid Tray

This retail ready container has a 1-piece, full overlap lid. It provides both protection during shipping and high impact graphics. The contours and cut away display panels are ideal for big box stores or on the counter display.

Breaker case flange sealed top flaps ipak tray styles

Breaker Case with Flange Sealed Top Flaps

The breaker tray is widely used in fully automatic production lines whether it is packing proteins such as beef, pork or poultry or syrups for fountain drinks or smoothies.

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