Open Style Trays

IPAK machines excel in creating forming many different open style trays from retail ready to produce trays.

4 corner tray with display window

4-Corner Tray with Display Window

The 4-corner tray is useful in many different applications as the most simple and common tray style. With a display window, it allows for retail ready purposes which is becoming more popular.

4 corner tray with angled corner

4-Corner Tray with Angled Corners

This one piece bottom container supports heavy products such as jars or cans. Best for the beverage and snack industry.

Euro style display tray with rollovers

Euro Style Display Tray with Rollovers

The rollover display window offers smooth edges for your customers when buying their favorite products, mostly used for the snack industry.

Display with Rollover Ledge

Display Tray with Rollover Ledge

Fitted with an HSC lid this display tray is ideal for pre-packaged foods that require good strength and a surface for in-store display. Most commonly used in bakery, dairy and meat/seafood industry.

4 corner tray with rollover sidewall

4-Corner Tray with Rollover Sidewall

Whether you are packing plastic bottles, jars or array of other products the 4-corner tray can be formed with or without rollover side walls. This tray is most commonly used for industries such as bakery, snack or pharmaceuticals.

Produce mushroom tray

Produce (Mushroom) Tray

The small 4-corner tapered trays are environmentally friendly and offer product protection and elegant display. It can be used to package produce such as mushrooms, berries, herbs and many other choices.

MUB produce display

MUB Produce Tray

An ideal package for agricultural applications, this tray has proven itself over and over again for peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Common footprint produce tray

Common Footprint Produce Trays

Produce trays have cooling properties and are display ready. These produce tray forming tray styles include reinforced corners and locking tabs for stacking during transit.

4 corner tray large

4-Corner Tray Large

The large 4-corner tray is ideal for packing tissue products or it can be used as a top and bottom cover for a variety of needs. It can be sized to have a telescoping lid & bottom.

BTB produce

BTB Produce Tray

The BTB tray is widely used in grown food applications including mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers for when shallower depths are required.

BTB bakery tray

BTB Bakery Tray

Bakery trays have an open top for product visibility, but offer additional corner strength to protect fragile contents.