DELTA 1 Fully Automatic Case Former with Modular Rapid Load Magazine System New

The DELTA 1 is an all new Fully Automatic Case Former which builds on the strengths of our past and paves the way for future developments. The core machine still features Wexxar Bel's ultra-reliable patented Pin & Dome system, a proven case opening technology that made the WF case formers the most popular and reliable machines on the market. Paired with this technology is an all new patent pending modular ergonomic to load magazine design, a significant reduction in changeover points, larger case size range, and more. Overall, this makes the DELTA 1 an incredibly flexible, easy to use, and adaptive machine that is built for the future. 

Unprecedented Levels of OEE with extreme reliability, almost zero downtime, and minimal maintenance or operator supervision. The DELTA 1 isn’t an innovation, it’s a revolution.

Available Q4 2018

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    • Modular Rapid Load Magazine allows cases to be "thrown" into the magazine with minimal handling and effort. This patent pending modular design allows for additional modules to be added post purchase, allowing the machine to grow with your business.
    • Higher Machine Throughput is achieved with more efficient machine movement, reduced changeover points, and constant supply of cases with the Rapid Load.
    • Wexxar's Pin & Dome case opening technology provides reliable case separation, squaring and forming
    • Dynamic flap-folding for consistently square cases even for recycled or double wall cases
    • Safety systems including fully interlocked guard doors and emergency stops on both sides of the machine
    • Flex speed with remote demand caters speed ranges to each case size or style
    • Tool-less, color coded size changeover in under 7 minutes with user-friendly on machine pictorial guides
    • Premium adhesive systems
      • Tape version: DEKKA High Performance stainless steel tape head
      • Hot melt version: Nordson glue systems
    • Designed and built in North America with premium materials

    • Speed: up to 30 cases per minute (CPM)
    • Corrosion resistant and paint free frame construction
    • Available in tape or hot melt glue sealing
    • HMI colour touchscreen interface 
    • Servo drives for maintenance free, efficient, precision movements


    • Additional Magazine Modules