Semi-Automatic Case Erectors

Wexxar Bel’s case erecting equipment is top of the line with a compact footprint and reliable case forming. Available in semi-automatic configurations, the case erectors have the versatility to be implemented in any application. BEL case erectors are efficient and reliable. Browse through the videos below to take a look at the equipment in action.

Features on the Wexxar semi-automatic case erector systems include:

  • High speeds
  • Top and bottom case sealing
  • Operation from three different sides of the machine

With innovative solutions, these machines are efficient and precise. Learn more about these solutions by clicking on the product page or by contacting us today.

The BEL 505G3 Semi-Automatic Case Former allows for packing & operation from 3 sides of the machine.

The BEL 505G4 semi-automatic case former speeds up production and saves floor space.

The BEL 450 uses uniform case sizes with poly bags for top and bottom case sealing.