Case Sealing Systems

BEL case sealers are available in semi-automatic and fully automatic configurations. These versatile machines can seal diverse case sizes using top and bottom sealing with tape or hot melt capabilities. With energy saving features, these case sealing systems maximize efficiency and throughput for any production line. Browse through the videos below to take a look at the equipment in action.

Features on the case sealers include:

  • Compact footprint
  • Premium construction
  • Innovative technology with color HMI control upgrades
  • Durability
  • Safe operating performance

Find out more about the Bel case sealer and case erector systems by contacting Wexxar Bel today.

The BEL 150 Semi automatic case taper accepts uniform case sizes for top and bottom case sealing.

The BEL 252 automatic case sealer offers seamless folding of the case flaps and automatic top and bottom taping.

The BEL 270 is unmatched for compactness, quality of construction, safety and operating performance. This case sealing system uses hot melt glue to seal cases quickly and seamlessly.

The BEL 270 is a fully automatic hot melt case sealing solution. In this video, the BEL 270 case sealer is featuring the color HMI control upgrade.

Packaging Machinery Showcase - BEL 270 Hot Melt Case Sealer Underfill Modification

The BEL 290 is ideal for high-volume lines with its durability and energy saving features.