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Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry requires extreme precision and care during the packaging process. Wexxar customers in pharmaceuticals have shared the difficulties of packaging these products as well as opportunities within their industry. Together, Wexxar and customers, have created innovative packaging processes to alleviate challenges and create smooth production.

The main goal in the pharmaceutical industry is to increase production rates in an effort to achieve growth on a global level. To attain growth, Wexxar offers more integrated packaging machinery operations. Where pharmacy companies once utilized conventional packaging machinery, now advanced solutions are available to reduce changeover as well as track functions using innovative technology.

In the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers must closely monitor product quality beginning with the first stages of production, following the product to the shelf, preventing damage and defects. To do so, engineering and plant managers must manage a large number of product SKUs, schedule multiple product runs on a single packaging line, review energy consumption, downtime, and changeovers, and conserve valuable resources by maximizing production efficiencies.

SKU proliferation is a major concern in the pharmaceutical industry for safety reasons. SKU growth impacts major plants as the plant runs out of space, requires more labor, reduces capacity, diminishes throughput, and more. With Wexxar’s innovative packaging equipment integrated into the product line, companies are able to achieve maximum flexibility in the production line and ensure product quality is top notch from the designing stages all the way to its shelf life.

Wexxar offers numerous products to create effectiveness in the pharmaceutical industry. The WF30 S is just one example. This system is an Auto Adjust system. It features operations monitoring, pre-set box recipes, and more. Benefits of utilizing this system include advanced safety features, where operators do not need to access the inside of the machine as well as operational effectiveness, an increase in productivity, enhanced operating experience, and automatic size changes.

Because monitoring products is such a major concern in the pharmaceutical industry the Wexxar Auto Adjust machines are designed to allow production managers to monitor packaging systems from a single source. This is a huge advantage in the market. Plant managers can easily monitor the dynamics of their production line and ensure that changeovers are reliable.

Dependable and durable, the WF30 S as well as other Auto Adjust systems offer a compact design for easy integration into most packaging line applications. The WF30 S offers a Pin-and-Dome case opening system, touch screen controls, Safe Logic safety guarding, and more to keep both the operator and the product safe and secure.

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