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Packaging Machinery Showcase - Wexxar/BEL Hot Melt Glue Machinery

With increasing speeds of packaging lines as well reducing corrugated costs with the use of gap flaps and shied flaps, hot melt adhesive for case forming and sealing have been increasingly popular. Wexxar Bel has a wide array of hot melt machinery which offers the same reliability, dependability and versatility as its tape counterparts. By default, all Wexxar Bel hot melt machines are equipped with Nordson hot melt systems but can be fitted with other systems upon request.


In terms of case erectors, the Wexxar WF20, WF30 and WF30 S-Series machines are available with hot melt sealing. These fully automatic case erectors all come with Wexxar’s ultra-reliable and patented Pin and Dome system. These machines are especially popular for high speed applications, gap flap applications and other situations in which glue is the preferred adhesive.

The BEL 270 and BEL 290 are all fully automatic case sealers which are either dedicated or feature a hot melt version. In particular, the BEL 270 is compact and versatile, making it the most popular hot melt case sealer. As the BEL 270 also features Wexxar Bel’s signature Uni-Drive and Snap Folder technologies, the machine is extremely reliable, safe and easy to maintain. This machine is also often combined with our BEL 505 Semi-Automatic Case Forming and Packing Station to create a compact and complete manual hand pack line with glue sealing.

Popular Options

Machine management is a popular option as it detects low glue as well as poor glue application. In addition, it also detects and warns when the magazine is low and stops the machine in the event of a case jam.

Separate disconnect is arguably one of the most important options on Wexxar Bel hot melt machines as it allows the glue tank to remain heated even when the machine is not running. This avoids long warm-up times after a break or during line stoppages.

Recent developments in glue technologies have led to the rise in popularity of on demand glue systems. They often allow for decreased glue charring, greater control on glue patterns, reduced warmup times, and lowered maintenance costs. Wexxar Bel is able to integrate certain on demand glue systems, contact us for more detail.

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